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Here at EGKW we want to help our customers get their dream kitchen. If you are thinking about a kitchen redesign then you may be wondering about the latest trends in cabinets, worktops, or the latest technological developments in the kitchen world. There are so many things that can be included in a kitchen and this article is here to share some of the latest design trends of the year so far.

White Quartz Worktop

Veined Marble Effect

When designing a kitchen it is best to have some idea of the overall style that you want to achieve. This could mean finding a wall or cabinet colour, or putting together a colour palette that will run throughout a space. There is a new place people are looking for inspiration when it comes to colour choices, and that is pushing the emerging trend for colourful veined marble and granite worktops.

This type of natural pattern is not for everyone, but for those who like something to catch the eye then the veins of worktops can give you beautiful highlights and focal points. There is something special about veined marble and it is becoming more popular in new kitchens.

Concealed Units

Concealed kitchen units have been a popular trend in 2021 so far. The idea that units and appliances can be hidden behind wooden or stone panels that sit right up against the ceiling is great for a number of reasons. It creates an uninterrupted surface along the top of worktops which looks clean, modern and stylish. This sort of style works well in large spaces, but can also be a great way to keep things tidy and organised in a studio apartment. If there is a compact space to fit everything in the concealed units can be cleverly designed to provide unbelievable functionality so concealed units are something we expect to see more of in future.

Classic Styles

The revival of classic styles is here. There has been a resurgence in trends that were popular at the turn of the century and the popularity of Art Deco and Retro-chic styles has grown so much over the last couple of years that you can now see it influencing kitchen trends too. Think geometric patterns on tiles and floors and bold colours mixed with classic cabinetry. This sort of style lets you explore palettes that don’t usually fit well with more sleek, simplistic modern designs.

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Cooking Gadgets

Integrated appliances have been around for a long time, but there are some fantastic gadgets that can be included in a kitchen design to make life more convenient and stylish. Never mind the self cleaning oven or integrated coffee machines, new age essentials like water purifiers, macerators and oriental grills are now crucial parts of the kitchen. It is also great to see improvements in the little things like plug sockets that can be concealed beneath worktops. Improving safety and taking designs to the next level is something to be celebrated.

Storage space

When designing your kitchen, it’s important to remember that you will need a lot of storage space. Placing things like crockery and cutlery into drawers is usually good for smaller items, but can be a waste of space in your kitchen if you are looking for somewhere to keep larger utensils. This is why shelving is increasing in popularity. If you have nice plates, bowls and mugs then why not have them on display to accessorise your kitchen. We draw the line at the sink curtains that were ever popular in the 50s, but practical shelving and clever storage ideas are always welcome.

The Only Way Is Granite Has You Covered

EGKW are the leading stone worktop supplier in Essex and we can install all manner of stone worktops. If you are considering a kitchen redesign then talk to us about a professional plan and find out how to incorporate veined marble into your design.

Just call our team today on 01277 800 023 or email us via [email protected] for more information. Better yet, why not book a free consultation where we’ll be able to give you more hands on advice.