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Getting new kitchen worktops is a home improvement that pays back in aesthetics, function, and potentially by boosting the overall value of the home, which stands at around £268,000 in the UK at the moment on average. 

Of course, it’s not as simple as just ‘getting new worktops’, because these days, there is so much choice available in the look, feel, cost and quality of worktops on offer. Today, we want to highlight one of the most beautiful, unique and luxurious surfaces you can choose for a kitchen – natural stone. 

Is it more costly than laminate or other budget worktop options? 


But there are some key reasons that it is absolutely worth the cost of the upgrade. Let’s take a closer look: 

First Things First: What Are Natural Stone Worktops? 

‘Natural stone worktops’ is an umbrella term that is generally used to describe a worktop that is made from marble, granite or quartz.

Marble and granite are cut from large slabs of natural stone, whereas quartz is an engineered material that combines ground natural quartz crystals with resin under intense heat and other manufacturing processes. This results in a premium material that looks as luxurious and beautiful as other natural stone, but it also has the added benefit of being non-porous, and so, it does not have the same maintenance requirements as marble and granite. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To A Natural Stone Worktop? 

A Great Space For Foodie Creativity

The average person in the UK spends half the time cooking in the kitchen that their parents did, but that doesn’t mean many of us aren’t giving it a go, especially in this era of foodie fun. Whether you like to bake, or you’re more of a pastry person, natural stone worktops are a really great fit for an amateur chef’s kitchen. You can’t cut directly onto it, but natural stone like marble absorbs heat really quickly, keeping bread, chocolate, pastry and other food items cool as you work with them. 


Incredible Durability And Longevity

Natural stone worktops are more of an upfront investment than other materials, but they will also last so much longer. With great maintenance and care, a stone worktop can last for decades, compared to laminate, which is easily dented, scratched and potentially swollen too if moisture gets into the wood composite inside. Depending on the amount of use they get, these kinds of worktops may last as little as 3-5 years before replacement is needed. 


Easy Hygiene

Quartz and sealed marble and granite are easy to wipe clean, which is reassuring considering that 9% of food borne illness outbreaks occur at home, and more often than not, you can’t see the bacteria causing them. 

This is compared to alternative worktops like wood, laminate and mixed materials, which may have sealed areas that eventually come unstuck or wear away, and so they can form tiny crevices that can hold bacteria.

Older wood and laminate worktops can also get dented and scorched, causing uneven surfacing and a break in the seal, furthering the issue with crevices and tiny nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in. 


An Incomparable Aesthetic

If you do invest in marble, granite or quartz surfaces, when a guest or potential homebuyer enters your kitchen, the first thing they will notice is the natural stone worktops, which signal opulence, luxury and timelessness. 


Nothing is quite as beautiful and unique as natural polished stone in the kitchen. It’s neutral, offering the perfect background for your favourite accessories, fixtures and fittings, whilst also bringing swirls, shapes, colours and textures into the space. The look is also highly dynamic and has depth, something you don’t get with laminates and similar worktops, which can look stylized and contrived. 

Granite Slab For Worktop

A Huge Range Of Styles

Every single piece of natural stone worktop is unique in the way that it looks, and there are many colours, patterns and styles available to suit your home and preferred decor style.

 Perhaps a darker natural stone with swirls of gold suits your industrial chic kitchen and its modern rich tones. 

Maybe you’d love a gorgeous pale marble worktop with streaks of blues, copper browns and pinks, to compliment warming taupe and linen cabinet shades. 

Maybe you want a chunky, breathtaking granite with slices of grey speckled through it, so that the worktop truly is the standout feature of your cooking space. 

There are so many styles available and there will be many that you would love to have in your kitchen. This appreciation and exciting visual appeal is generally not something you get as much, if at all, with flat, lifeless laminates. 


Durable & Strong

Natural granite, quartz and marble worktops have an impressive durability and don’t chip or crack easily, especially with the right maintenance. Quartz, in particular, is one of the hardest materials in nature and can even be more durable than marble and granite because of the way that it is engineered. 


Repair Is Always Available

When you choose a trusted stone worktop supplier to supply and install your stone worktops, you’ll usually get a guarantee, as well as advice on maintaining the worktop. Beyond that, you will know the right company to ask for repairs in the future. 

Companies that are experts in natural stone know how to complete worktop repairs when they chip and have other issues, sometimes with a finish that leaves the damage completely invisible. 

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The Only Way Is Granite Has You Covered

It can be daunting investing in a beautiful stone worktop for your kitchen, but in reality, if you want an upgrade that is stunning, strong, durable, valuable and unique, it’s the right option for your next home improvement project. 

Why not speak to us today for an idea of styles, prices and the installation process, so that you can take the next step to greatly enhancing the heart of your home in 2022. 

Just call our team today on 01277 800 023 or email us via [email protected] for more information. Better yet, why not book a free consultation where we’ll be able to give you more hands on advice.