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One of the major draws of marble, granite and quartz worktops is their aesthetic. There’s no other worktop material quite as interesting, unique and timeless as natural stone. 

There are many, many incredible colours and styles of granite, quartz and marble for you to choose from so that you can get the exact look you want without having to compromise. Let’s take a closer look at natural stone worktops and how they differ aesthetically: 

quartz feature wall


Quartz is a type of igneous rock that is combined with various strong materials like resin in a special manufacturing process. Because of this manufacturing process, you can get quartz in almost any colour and pattern. 

Beautiful neutrals like Agatha White, Larissa grey, rich Oatmeal or Argila are perfect if you prefer a more linear design. Speckled neutrals like Concigle, Platinum White or Crema bring some texture and depth, or if you’d like that speckle to be a little more light reflecting, the Branco Galaxy Quartz is a great choice. 

If you are looking for something a little more opulent, rich and dark in tone, there are endless dark quartz worktop styles to consider. Thunder Black, Majestic Marquina and Imperial Gold are striking and bold – perfect for a statement bathroom or kitchen space. 

Do you prefer the natural swirls and veining of marble? You can get that style with Quartz worktops. 

Alegria, Portofino, Toscano and Sublime are great examples of this rich marbling, with stunning tones and colours moving through the stone for a dynamic and exciting aesthetic. 

Lastly, brighter colours like reds, blues and greens are also available in Quartz, for those eye-catching, unique and colourful home designs. 

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  • agatha Worktops Essex


  • imperial worktops essex


  • larisa worktops essex


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Marble is a natural metamorphic rock that is incredibly popular as a natural stone worktop because it is so breathtakingly beautiful. 

You can get rarer marble stone worktops with more unusual colouring at an extremely high cost, but the majority of stone worktops available from good natural stone worktop specialists sits along a more neutral vein of colour scheme. 

Unimarble Beige and Unimarble White are great examples of pure, high-quality marble that brings neutrality and class to a kitchen or bathroom space. For a little more drama, the dark tones of Nero Marquinha and Grigio Carnico are ideal choices, or Unimarble Grey works as a good inbetween, keeping things light with just the perfect touch of richness and depth.

  • sharpham worktop


  • unistone carrara venatino worktop


  • blues in the night worktop essex

    Blues In The Night

  • mocha worktops essex


  • sapphire brown worktop essex

    Sapphire Brown

  • bianco ornamental worktop essex

    Bianco Ornamental

  • bianco sardo worktop essex

    Bianco Sardo

  • Noir Et Blanc worktops essex


  • ivory gold worktop essex

    Ivory Gold

  • paradiso bash worktop essex

    Paradiso Bash


Granite is an igneous rock that has an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures for you to bring to your kitchen or bathroom space. 

There are really unusual and eye-catching granite worktops like the Gold Marinace, Himalayan Blue, Shivakashi and Emerald, which should be considered for a statement stone worktop installed to impress. More neutral greys and whites like Delicatos, Steel Grey, Cosmic White and Colonial White are perfect for a more neutral palette, all whilst still offering that unique and wonderful texture you get with granite worktops. 

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  • volga blue worktop essex

    Volga Blue

  • vizag blue worktop essex

    Vizag Blue

  • visione worktops essex


Are You Ready To Choose Your Perfect Stone Worktop?

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With the right granite, quartz or marble worktop you can enhance your home in aesthetic and function, for many years to come. 

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