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We guarantee that if you’re lucky enough to have one of our granite worktops in your home, you’ll find yourself inundated with compliments about how great it looks. Granite kitchen worktops are one of the most beautiful additions in any home, not to mention durable and hard wearing.


When granite worktops are first installed, many people compliment on just how shiny they are. Over time though, with normal life taking place, that shine can dull somewhat but that doesn’t mean it’s lost forever.

While we do offer granite repairs, you’ll be pleased to know, getting that shine back doesn’t require any serious action, just a simple polishing that you yourself could even do at home.

Below you’ll find a simple and easy to follow guide to help you have your kitchen worktops in Essex and Kent gleaming as much as the first day they were installed. We’ve even included some instructions to make your own at home polish.

  • Bianco Galaxy

  • Bianco Calcutta

  • Bianco Arizona

  • Teak Wood

  • Volga Blue

  • Vizag Blue

  • Uba Tuba

  • Tan Brown

  • Steel Grey

  • Steel Grey



It’s no use polishing your granite countertops if they aren’t clean so it’s imperative that you really clean your worktops. Be sure to get rid of any sticky film or crumbs. Whether you choose to use a granite specific cleaner is entirely up to you however, here at The Only Way Is Granite, we truly believe that warm soapy water does the trick just as well.

If you wash your granite worktops using a lot of soap however, you may want to try a soap film remover as a build up of soap could contribute to a dulled shine on your granite worktops too.


Once you’re happy with the cleanliness of your kitchen worktops, it’s time to polish them. There are a number of granite-safe polishes on the market. It’s highly advised however, that you avoid using a regular furniture polish as they can be very acidic which over time, would permanently damage your countertop.

Avoid anything that contains lemon, vinegar, lime or bleach. These ingredients will simply break down the sealant and lead to staining. Depending on the granite polish you’ve purchases, whether it’s wet or dry, simply follow the instructions however, it is possible to make your own polish.


A safe recipe for a granite polish would be a mixture of 3 cups of warm water and a ¼ cup of baking soda. It’s simple yet effective. Just mix together, apply to your worktop and buff using a soft microfiber cloth. Once you’ve buffed the surfaces sufficiently, simply use a clean damp cloth and some warm water to remove the polish that remains on the worktops.


If after polishing your granite worktops, you’ve found them to still be on the dull side of the ‘shine o’meter’, we suggest getting in touch with our team as your worktop may be in need of professional sealant.

For more information on our kitchen worktops in Kent and Essex or more specifically, repolishing or repairing your granite worktops properly, simply contact us today on 01277 800023.