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Stone Worktops Supplied & Fitted

In the bustling county of Kent, renowned for its stunning landscapes and architectural wonders, The Only Way Is Granite stands out as a beacon for those seeking top-tier quartz worktops.

Our company has established itself as the leading supplier of high-quality quartz worktops, delivering a comprehensive, customer-focused service spanning the entire UK.

We’re committed to bringing your dream kitchen to life, supplying and fitting the ideal worktop that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your space.


Boasting years of experience in supplying and installing quartz worktops in homes and offices across Kent, we’re proud to have honed our craft and enriched our expertise.

Over time, we’ve not only amassed a wealth of knowledge but also built an elite team of worktop installation specialists. Every member of our team is hand-picked, guaranteeing our customers receive only the highest level of service from trusted professionals.

From the moment you request a quote to the manufacture and final fitting of your quartz worktop, our team stands by your side. We offer guidance, advice, and work tirelessly to ensure your expectations aren’t just met, but vastly exceeded.

This comprehensive, hands-on approach sets us apart in the market and ensures the utmost customer satisfaction.

Why Have a Quartz Worktop?

Quartz offers a blend of classic elegance and contemporary sophistication, creating a timeless appeal that enhances any kitchen’s aesthetic in Kent.

Crafted from a combination of natural materials, quartz worktops feature rich colours and designs that exude quality and durability. 

Quartz is also synonymous with practicality and easy maintenance. Unlike natural stones like marble or granite, quartz worktops do not require sealing. A simple daily wipe with soap and water is enough to keep your worktop in pristine condition.

Enhance the shine of your quartz worktop with a regular window cleaner, which not only maintains the lustre but also wards off dust layers that may dull the surface. This prevents the worktop from succumbing to chipping, cracking, or scratching.

One of the key qualities of quartz is its non-porous nature, a characteristic attributed to the precision involved in its production. This property renders your quartz worktop resistant to stains, thereby increasing its lifespan in your kitchen.

With a quartz worktop from The Only Way Is Granite, you’re investing in a beautiful, durable, and practical solution that will serve you well for years to come.

Choosing the Right Quartz Worktop for Your Space

Selecting the right quartz worktop requires thoughtful consideration of various aspects. These include colour, texture, size, and design of the worktop, which should ideally match the existing decor of your kitchen or bring a fresh look if you’re planning a complete remodel. With our wide range of options and expert guidance, we’ll assist you in making the perfect choice.

The Installation Process

Our dedicated team follows a meticulous installation process to ensure the successful fitting of your quartz worktop. The process includes:

Consultation and Quote: We start by understanding your needs, assessing your kitchen layout, and suggesting the most suitable quartz worktop. We then provide a detailed quote, highlighting all costs involved.

Measurement and Template Creation: We visit your premises to take precise measurements of your kitchen area. This helps in creating a perfect template for the quartz worktop.

Fabrication: Based on the template, our experts craft your quartz worktop, paying attention to the finest details like edge profiling, cutouts for sinks and hobs, and ensuring perfect finish.

Installation: Our team will then install the worktop in your kitchen, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless finish. We check everything is in order, making any necessary adjustments on-site.Final Inspection: We conclude with a final inspection to ensure your satisfaction with our installation.

Quartz Worktop Care & Maintenance

To keep your quartz worktop in top-notch condition, we provide you with a comprehensive care and maintenance guide. From daily cleaning techniques to the best products to use, we arm you with the knowledge to prevent damage and maintain your worktop’s shine for years to come.

Environmental Impact of Quartz Worktops

Our quartz worktops are not only beautiful and durable but also eco-friendly. We’ll share how quartz production impacts the environment and what measures we’re taking to minimize its footprint. This section will also discuss how to responsibly recycle or dispose of your quartz worktop at the end of its lifecycle.

Testimonials and Case Studies

We’re proud to have transformed numerous kitchens with our quality quartz worktops. Here are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers:

The Only Way Is Granite fitted a beautiful quartz worktop in my kitchen. Their service was exceptional from start to finish. The worktop has absolutely transformed my kitchen!

Mrs. ThompsonCanterbury

I am incredibly pleased with the quality and installation of my quartz worktop. The team was professional and efficient. I highly recommend The Only Way Is Granite.

Mr PatelMaidstone

The team at The Only Way Is Granite delivered a top-notch service. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and the quality of the worktop is superb. My kitchen now looks like it's straight out of a home decor magazine!

Ms. DavisTunbridge Wells

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter:

How resistant are quartz worktops to heat and cold?

Quartz worktops are engineered to be heat-resistant, but it’s still advisable to use trivets or heat pads for hot pots and pans. Cold temperatures don’t usually affect quartz.

Do quartz worktops stain easily?

Thanks to its non-porous nature, quartz worktops resist staining. However, it’s best to promptly clean spills to ensure longevity.

How long will my quartz worktop last?


With this in mind, it’s easy to see just why so many choose a quartz worktop for their kitchens. You’ll be pleased to know that here at The Only Way Is Granite, we offer not only an exceptional service, but a wide and varied choice when it comes to colour and design too.

With such a variety in choice, we guarantee to offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a colour to compliment a contemporary look or something a little more traditional, we have just the worktop for you.

  • Quartz is also known for being incredibly low maintenance and having many benefits.
  • Unlike natural stones such as marble or granite, it requires no sealing, just a daily wipe down with soap and water to keep it looking new and most-importantly hygienic.
  • By using a window cleaner on your quartz, you’ll be able to achieve a seriously high shine too, while warding off the dreaded dust layer that can otherwise dull it down.
  • As quartz is technically an engineered stone, it’s also incredibly sturdy yet still possess a flexibility that prevents it from falling victim to chipping, cracking and scratches.
  • Thanks to the rather fine quality within the production of quartz, making it totally non-porous by nature, you’ll find your quartz worktop will also prove itself to be stain resistant too, only increasing its longevity in the home.

With good care and maintenance, your quartz worktop can last many years. Its durability and resistance to scratches, chips, and stains make it a long-lasting choice for your kitchen.

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