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Quartz is an extremely resilient material. Thanks to the mix of stone and resin, the care required for a worktop made of it is minimal at most. Having said that, it’s worth noting the simple and rather basic precautions required in order to ensure your quartz worktop is free from stains, dents or scratches for a long time to come.

Basic Care & Cleaning Of Your Quartz Countertop

Unlike the likes of granite, quartz doesn’t require annual sealant however it will, just like any other surface, require basic cleaning. This super low maintenance worktop requires simply water and mild detergent to keep it sparkling. Using a soft paper towel, simply wipe away any spillages before rinsing and drying thoroughly. It’s best to avoid any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads because despite its toughness, it can be scratched and that’s something we want to avoid at all costs. Harsh cleaning chemicals could also cause staining over time due to a chemical reaction between the cleaning fluid and the stone itself.

You may also find some quartz colours and finishes more sensitive to cleaning agents and even grease so it’s worth ensuring you always have a clean cloth as well as soapy water to hand for a quick, fuss free clean up. 

When it comes to actually using your worktop, once again, prevention is better than cure which is why we always advise you use a chopping board as opposed to working directly off the countertop itself.

Damage Of Your Quartz Worktop

While quartz is known for being a super resilient worktop material, it isn’t completely impervious to damage. Here are just a few areas to look out for to ensure your worktop looks brand new for years to come…

  • Prevent chemical damage – avoid harsh chemicals and solvents, especially things such as furniture strippers and paint removers. You should also avoid cleaning agents containing chemicals such as chloride or trichloroethane as well as bleach. While infrequent exposure to chemical cleaning agents may not cause harm, it’s worth avoiding it for the simple fact that over time, you will start to notice problems; however at this point, it will be too late. Keep your cleaning simple, as mentioned above and stick to warm soapy water and a clean cloth.
  • Avoid heat damage – when cooking, make sure to use pan pads or simply keep hot pans and other hot objects off of your worktops completely. Quartz worktops, despite their tough reputation, can actually be damaged by exposure to hot items so this should be avoided at all costs.
  • Protect your quartz surface – quartz doesn’t need sealing however to make sure you get the very most from your worktop, follow all care instructions at all times. Use chopping boards, avoid chemical cleaning agents, avoid exposure to heat and protect your surface at all times.
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The Only Way Is Granite Has You Covered

For more information on quartz, its care or how you can enjoy your dream quartz worktop in your home, simply contact us today. Here at The Only Way Is Granite, we’re proud to boast some of the best quality quartz stone in the country and thanks to our incredibly talented installation team, you could enjoy it in your home, made to measure too. Simply contact us today on 01277 800 023 or book a free consultation where we’ll be able to give you more hands on advice.