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Grey kitchens have become incredibly popular over the last five years and it’s easy to see why. The colour is so versatile and can be complemented or complement practically any other colour in the spectrum; from brilliant whites to burnt oranges as well as accents of timber and matt black. Once area in particular that’s really seeing a significant rise in popularity are grey worktops.

From architects and designers to homeowners themselves, grey worktops are becoming a must have and grey quartz worktops are fast becoming the top choice by far. It’s safe to say however, here at The Only Way Is Granite, we aren’t surprised.

Pairing one of the most popular colour choices within interior design with one of the most popular material choices for the home is a sure fire way to create a buzz. Let’s take a closer look at just why grey quartz countertops are now one of the most popular choices right now.



Quartz is a popular choice in its own right. Not only is it incredibly tough, impervious to stains, scratches and spills but it also boasts the ability to emulate the look and feel of a natural stone such as granite.

This natural mineral material is also available in a range of styles, luckily for you, those include a range of beautiful greys to ensure that modern edge anywhere it’s placed


According to interior designers everywhere, the best way to upgrade any home and in particular the kitchen, is to upgrade worktops and cabinets. One of the top choices amongst them? Quartz.

Grey also happened to be one of the three most loved colours according to the Houzze questionnaire, only cementing the fact that its popularity is soaring. The reasons behind the choice were simple. Look, feel and durability; the three most sought after qualities of any kitchen worktop and grey quartz boasts all three.


Grey quartz can really bring that much sought after, raw, urban appeal. It’s modern, it’s sophisticated and it’s edgy – it’s a designers dream. Grey worktops can often also provide quite an industrial look, something that’s certainly more popular today in loft apartments in and around London.

Think along the lines of reclaimed wooden flooring and exposed brickwork. Throw in a beautiful made and professionally installed grey quartz worktops and the look is not only complete, but guaranteed to wow.


Kitchen worktops are of course the most popular place to fit a quartz worktop but they aren’t the only place. Bathrooms worktops are fast becoming a popular location too and what’s more, grey bathrooms are so on trend.

Whether you’re going for classic or contemporary design, it’s the ideal choice especially with the variations in colour available.


Grey quartz worktops are certainly a hot trend at the moment and it looks to be sticking around too. Hard wearing, durable and aesthetically pleasing, what’s not to love? For more granite and quartz worktop maintenance advice, simply contact us at The Only Way Is Granite today  01277 800 023.