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If you were to ask us the biggest trend right now, we’d have to say white, minimalist kitchens. They’re hugely on trend however, despite their popularity, many homeowners are still a little reluctant to commit to the light colours in their cooking space.

Why? Well, with everyday life comes a myriad of potential hazards from red pasta sauce to wine and just about every other ingredient we use in our cooking. The constant worrying about staining your kitchen work surface would just be too much, right?


Well, while there is no material out there that’s completely 100% stain resistant, granite is about as stain-resistant as you can get. There are a variety of worktop colours, from black granite worktops to white granite worktops, this natural stone’s basic qualities give it a hardness that makes it incredibly resistant to staining.

With minimal pours making the stone almost impervious to stains, lighter coloured granite worktops are just as safe as the darker options, especially in busy kitchens where too much detail could become overpowering.

While we happily tell you granite worktops are an incredible asset in any kitchen, even going so far as to increase the value of your home when installed professionally, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t tell you about the maintenance that is required.


Before your head fills with weekly cleans and bills for days, let us make it clear that while there is maintenance required for granite worktops to remain stain resistant, it’s minimal. By minimal, we mean as minimal as it gets.

We’re referring to the professional sealing that all granite worktops need in order to keep them looking and functioning at their best. Aside from that, it’s simply about taking care of your kitchen worktop as you would your kitchen cupboards and floors. Here are a few considerations to ensure your granite countertops not only remain stain free but looking amazing for years to come:


Did you know water can sink into your granite worktop leaving a temporary dark mark? While only temporary, the last thing you want is an unsightly dark mark during an important occasion. Other liquids with colouring may not be as easy to get out if left for too long, especially if you haven’t kept up to date with regular sealing. Be sure to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.


Oil can be a slippery beggar (see what we did there?). Unlike other liquids that will evaporate entirely (water being a great example), oil can actually stain if left to soak in for too long. So once again, be sure to tend to spillages and splashes as soon as they happen.


If you’ve been unlucky enough and found your granite has actually stained, do not despair. Here at The Only Way Is Granite, not only can we offer you some amazing granite worktop cleaning tips, but we also offer a granite worktop repair service.

While some stains may be a little harder to remove, we do have the ability to remove them using specialist pastes which help draw out the solutions along with poultices. Our repair services are there should the unthinkable happen to ensure your granite worktop is looking as good as the day we installed it.

If you’d like more information on our granite worktops in Essex, simply contact us today on 01277 800 023.