Cheap Quartz Worktops – The Choices Are Endless

Quartz worktops are a feature in many a home throughout the UK and Essex. For good reason too; this man-made material is formed out of crushed quartz before being bonded with resin, pigments and polymers. Due to the man-made process in which it’s made, the options in terms of colour and length of slab are virtually limitless. What’s more, it’s also one of the most widely selected options when people are looking for stylish, practical cheap kitchen worktops. With such a variety available however, it can be hard to narrow down all the options and pick the perfect worktop for you. To help make that choice easier, here are just a few considerations for you to look at in order to make that final choice, the right one.

Cheap Quartz Worktops For You

Think Long Term

When choosing the colour of the quartz worktop you want fitted in your kitchen, it’s important that you consider what will last. Yes quartz is affordable but it’s not something you want to have to change after a year because it no longer matches the colour scheme. Think about what would happen should your taste change? Does the worktop have the potential to match a variety of cupboard doors and tiles? While many do use a worktop to ‘spruce up’ their kitchen, we recommend using a new worktop as an excuse to redecorate your entire kitchen to reduce the chance of you wanting to update other aspects in the near future.

 Check Out Plenty Of Options

While it’s a much easier to option to pick the first, ‘nice one’ you see, we suggest looking at all of the options. We often have an idea in our heads of what we want however, when shown the options available, something else will always take our fancy. The last thing you want to happen is to see a preferred option after you’ve had your first choice installed. Consider colour and pattern – every potential possibility.

Think Of The Secondary Colour

This is a very important thing to keep in mind. Quartz worktops often have an element of a secondary colour. The secondary colour is often neutral however, there are cases where the secondary colour will be rather bold. This needs to be considered when deciding on the overall look of your home. The secondary colour will be uniform throughout the entire worktop so it should be rather easy to see how the overall look of your kitchen would turn out from a sample.

 Think Practically

We all go through phases where a certain colour pops out in a store but would it look the same in your own home? There will always be trends but is the current trend the right option for you? Think practically and consider your general taste overall. Think of the furniture you currently have and are likely to keep, or likely to want in the future. Would it match?

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Mrs & Mr Aston

Dear The Only Way Is Granite Thank you for the new granite work tops recently installed. Your advice has been superb through out the whole process of who to use and what granite would be best. We feel that the choice we made when choosing you was without question one of the easiest parts of the whole purchasing scenario. Also we feel secure that you are quite local and that it gave us confidence that you visited in person. It gave us a person to come back to if we needed to. But once again I must let you know that we are extremely happy with you and your installation team.

Chris Baxter

Thank you for the recently fitted granite tops, you were right with the colour it does make the room look lighter and more spacious. It has totally transformed our kitchen, it’s like a new kitchen, we will be the envy of our neighbours!

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