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Kitchens are usually the hub of the home. It is one room that gets a lot of use over time. Whether you like to spend time in your kitchen or not, it is a good practice to think about how you use your space when you are considering a new kitchen. It is also important to choose a kitchen that will work within your budget too, as there are a lot of desirable items available, not to mention the basic things like cabinets, appliances and worktops.

Depending on your budget a stone worktop can be a great investment. Not only does stone have properties that make it hard wearing and practical, but it is shown to improve the saleability of homes on the market. Being mindful of this is recommended if you plan to sell your home at some point in the future.

Consider Quartz for a High Quality Kitchen

When it comes to stone worktops, people often think about marble and granite, but quartz can be a much more affordable option that gives the same benefits. Quartz worktops are great for any kitchen. They are versatile and easier to maintain than marble or granite. Quartz is stain, heat and scratch resistant, and thanks to the way it is made, it is much more durable than natural stone worktops options.

Quartz Has Attractive Design Features

Quartz worktops are actually made up of powdered Quartz, which is mixed with Polyester Resin and Pigment. This mix is then moulded and the mixture sets as hard as rock. The pigments are key to the appeal of quartz worktops because they can be made in a wide range of styles and colours. It is possible to find a worktop to compliment any colour palette.

Quartz worktops are hand finished to accommodate things like sinks and cookers in style. The way worktops are moulded means you can control aspects like bevelled edges or tapered corners. They can also be made to be much thinner than worktops made from natural stone, laminate or real wood. This is largely due to the strength of the quartz-resin mixture, which is sealed and hardwearing.


  • Stone Worktop

    Cosmic White



  • Steel Grey Alligator

  • Paradiso Bash

  • Nero Merino

  • Tan Brown

  • Steel Grey


Achieve Versatility With Quartz Worktops

Being able to customise the colour of quartz worktops means it is simple to create a kitchen that fits perfectly with your home’s design. Whether you are having new cabinets installed as part of a full makeover, or you just want to refresh an old kitchen with new worktops there are few better choices than Quartz worktops.


Quarts worktops should be installed by a professional contractor. EGKW are a leading supplier and installer of stone worktops in Essex. We have a wide selection of quartz options and we can help you to find a worktop that will give a high quality look and feel.  We hope this blog has helped highlight some of the credentials of quartz worktops. Give us a call on 01277 800 023 if you want to achieve a stylish kitchen that will stand the test of time.